GTA 5 Money Drops for Sale

We can add tons of money to your GTA 5 Online character with our cash mod service.

How our Money Drop Service works

We access your GTA 5 account and add money via our private method. It’s quick and completely ban safe.

Why Should I Buy GTA 5 Money from You?

Our GTA 5 money drops are much cheaper than Sharkcards and our service is extremely quick and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Money Drops?

A money drop or cash mod service is when we add more money to your GTA 5 account bank.

Is this service safe to use?

Yes, all our services are safe including money drops. We have 0% ban rate because of our private and custom methods.

How much money can I get?

We recommend a maximum of 3 billion at a time for ban safety.

Why does PS4 and Xbox One money drops cost more?

It takes a lot more time and effort to add money on PS4 and Xbox One compared to PC (Steam or Social Club).

Can I spend the money immediately?

Absolutely! Go spend it on whatever you want.